Golf Courses in Kagoshima


Kagoshima Airport 36 Country Club

This is the only golf course in Kagoshima Prefecture that consists of 36 holes. It is a golf course with a scenic view of the Kirishima Mountain Range designated as a national park.


Kagoshima Takamaki Country Club

The course has hosted the LPGA Tour seven times since 2006, and every tournament has been televised to give you hints on how to play the course. It is fun to play a round of golf while listening to the chirping of wild birds and admiring the seaso...


Kedouin Resort (Golf Club + Hotel)

Opened in 1991, the course has hosted the Japan Golf Tour (JGT) nine times from 1993 to 2002. It is easily accessible from Kagoshima City (60 minutes by car to the north) and Kagoshima Airport (50 minutes by car).


Mizobe Country Club

Mizobe Country Club is a golf course created according to the vision of Mitsuaki Kobayashi, one of Japan's leading golf course designers. It has the highest course rating among all 32 golf courses he designed (74.1 from fullback).

Welcome to Kagoshima!

Kagoshima Prefecture is located at the southern tip of Kyushu Island, about 1,700 km (roughly 1,060 mi) southwest of Tokyo, the capital of Japan, and about 105 minutes by air from Haneda Airport (Tokyo International Airport). There are also direct flights from Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taipei, and Seoul to Kagoshima Airport. There is no time difference between Tokyo and Kagoshima.

Kagoshima Prefecture has a subtropical climate, so it is relatively warm throughout the year. Even in January, the coldest month, the average temperature in Kagoshima City, the capital of the prefecture, is 8.5 °C (47 °F), the lowest 4.6 °C (40 °F), and the highest 12.8 °C (55 °F), each about 3 °C (5.4 °F) higher than Tokyo. The average rainfall is eight days per month in January and February, with October through February being the rainiest months of the year. So, we especially recommend golfing in the fall and spring months of October through April, as it doesn't snow much.

The total population of Kagoshima Prefecture is about 1.6 million. About 600,000 of them live in Kagoshima City. Compared to Tokyo, the population is one-ninth of Japan, and the traffic congestion is not so bad, making it relatively smooth to travel by car.

Kagoshima Prefecture is famous for “Satsuma Shochu,” a local spirit made of sweet potatoes. Still, in recent years, several whiskey distilleries have been built, and there are facilities where you can tour the distilleries and taste the whiskey.

The prefecture is also famous for its Wagyu beef and Kurobuta (black) pork dishes, as well as sashimi and fish dishes such as Unagi (Eel), Kanpachi (Greater Amberjack), Katsuo (Bonito), and Buri (Yellowtail). Satsuma-yaki pottery and Satsuma-kiriko glassware are world-famous for their traditional crafts.

Upon entering Japan, visitors from countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom, only need a passport. There is no visa required. However, you must ensure you have enough time on your passport to cover your stay. If you hold a passport from another country, we advise you to check with the Japanese embassy in your country for entry requirements.

When planning on playing golf in Kagoshima, you will need to consider where you would like to stay. We can help you navigate the many options ranging from luxury hotels and resorts to boutique bed and breakfasts. We’re here to help you have a fun and memorable day on a beautiful golf course.

Don’t speak Japanese? No problem! We’ll arrange for a guide-interpreter to be with you for the day.

No golf gear? That’s ok. Golf club sets and golf shoes are available for rent.

New to golf? That’s ok. We can match you with a coach registered with JLPGA (Japan Ladies Professional Golfers’ Association).

So, come on down to Kagoshima and enjoy a day of fun golfing!