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Golf Vacation Specialists

Whether you are coming to Japan purely for golfing or just want to fit in a few rounds between sightseeing, we’ll ensure you have a great experience!

We’ll help you with arrangements for:


Air, train, or road—we’ll ensure your trip is smooth and you arrive on time.


From modern hotels to traditional inns—we’ll get you the best options and prices.


Tours, dining, shopping, and souvenirs—we know what makes for an unforgettable travel experience.


Course start times, rental clubs and shoes, round lessons with JLPGA professional golfers, and golf gear—we’re golfers and understand your needs.


No need to worry about language issues—we’ll provide you with an interpreter guide to provide support and assistance during your stay.

Health & Safety

In the unlikely event of injury or health issues, we provide support that is complementary to your existing health and travel insurance.

Golf Courses Near Tokyo

Japan’s capital, Tokyo, and its surrounding prefectures are home to some of Japan’s most popular tourist attractions. The region also offers a variety of world-class golf courses.

Climate: Tokyo has a relatively mild climate, with almost no snowfall in winter, so golf can be played year-round.

Convenience: Golf courses near Tokyo are ideal for day trips or combining with your sightseeing itinerary.

Transportation: Our golf tours are generally arranged with a chauffeur-driven car or, for larger groups, a bus to take you from your hotel to the golf course and from the golf course to your next destination. This is because it is the easiest and most comfortable way for you to get from one hotel to the next, despite the traffic jams. However, if you want to save time by taking a helicopter, drive and enjoy the view, or save costs by using public transportation, we can assist with optimal arrangements.

Other Regions of Japan

Each region in Japan has its own distinctive charms, including sights, cuisine, and world-class golf courses tailored to the locale.

Climate: Courses in Japan’s southern islands are warmer during the winter months. Conversely, the northern prefectures offer cooler temperatures during summer.

Convenience: Whether you want to experience scenic mountains or stunning beaches, we can help you find the ideal golfing destination. All can be easily accessed from Tokyo via flights or bullet train.

Transportation: Regardless of your itinerary and preferred transport methods, we can coordinate optimal arrangements for your needs.