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Japan has a well-earned reputation as being a clean, safe, and welcoming travel destination. However, most locals only speak Japanese. To ensure you have a smooth stay, we will assign an interpreter-guide to accompany you. In addition to English-speaking guides, we also have access to speakers of all major languages through our network.

Our company's representative, Toshi, is an English interpreter-guide and a member of the Japan Federation of Tourist Guides (JFG). This government-certified organization has over 1,000 professional tour guide members, including speakers of English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Korean, and Thai.

Toshi Mizukami

Toshi (Toshi Mizukami)

An avid golfer for over 34 years (handicap of 13), Toshi understands the ingredients of an enjoyable golf vacation. He also has extensive experience in traveling and playing golf abroad.

Toshi's love of travel began in his college days. Since then, he has visited almost every part of Japan from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south by airplane, train, car, motorcycle, and bicycle.

A veteran traveler, he has visited Europe, America, Oceania, Asia, and North Africa on over 200 business trips during his 30-year career as a trading company employee. Furthermore, he has lived abroad with five years in Milan, Italy, and one year in California, USA.

Toshi loves keeping active. In addition to golf, he has practiced the martial art Shorinji Kempo and has a first-dan blackbelt.

A support member:
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Mark (Masanobu Itoh)

Mark (Masanobu Itoh)

Mark loves his country and he likes to share all the good things with his overseas friends. Mark has worked 18 year abroad (Nigeria, UK, Turkey and Singapore) and visited 83 countries! It helped him to understand the distinctive characteristics of Japan. He had quite a number of occasions having holidays in various part of the world (and in Japan of course!). Mark is a National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter and he is confident to make your stay enjoyable in Japan. Mark loves golf, loves good food and good accompany. Japan is full of cultural and natural assets that are so impressive and surely, you will have wonderful experience visiting Japan.

Masa (Masaru Furuta)

Masa (Masaru Furuta)

Masa is living in Shiojiri city Nagano prefecture now. Before, he lived in Shanghai and Beijing in China, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Dusseldorf in Europe, totally 15 years working in abroad. Playing Golf, sightseeing, discovering nice restaurant with local friends. It was great experience and kept in his memory.

It is a time for Masa to accommodate tourists visiting Japan. You will enjoy sports and sightseeing in Japan. It is memorable experience. If you are interested in Nagano prefecture, you will find something special during your stay in Japan. Nagano prefecture is mountainous area so that you can enjoy playing Golf under cool and comfortable weather even in Japanese humid summer period. In winter, you can enjoy ski in Nagano. Sightseeing at Matsumoto castle, Suwa Shinto shrines, Jigokudani (hot spring) Monkey Park and so many places to visit.

Yaz (Yasuhito FUJITA)

Yaz (Yasuhito FUJITA)

Genuine sports lover, Yaz had played American football in college days, been going Skiing for 50 years, scuba diving with more than 100 tanks and now enjoy golfing since 1984 although he is average boggy golfer. During 35 years of Automotive industry, he lived 10 years in the US (NY, MI and CA) and visited almost all countries where his engineered cars are running. He loves travel to both domestically and abroad with 2 Million-miler-credits (DELTA and ANA).

Knowing attractiveness of traveler’s destination overseas, he can show the difference and the beauty of travel in Japan which could offer even unexpected travel experience not just from sightseeing but with activities, foods and even communication with locals.

Tom (Tsutomu Harada)

He is a Japan`s government-certified English interpreter guide based in Tokyo. His #1 priority as a tour guide is your safety and satisfaction.

He loves tour guiding and seeing the smiles of his guests is his greatest joy and motivation.His expertise is golf tourism as well as detailed introduction of Japanese culture, cuisine, history and entertainment.

In the past 20 years, he has developed a good friendship with Tom Watson, 8-times Major Champion of golf.  Tom Watson shares with him his philosophy in the golf profession and experience such as his vivid memory of the birdie chip-in at the 71st hole of 1982 U.S. Open in Pebble Beach.  Tom Watson also adds the episodes of the critical shots prior to that miracle chip which also contributed to his marvelous victory in that tournament.  He visits the tournament Tom Watson holds in Kansas City (The Watson Challenge) every year to update their friendship. While he  guides you, he would be very happy to share his experience with Tom Watson and what he has learned from Tom Watson.

In sum, creating pure smiles in his customers is his key goal in the tour guiding – it could be from golf, cuisine, sight-seeing, hot springs, Japanese sake or anything else – based on the secure and comfortable arrangements of the tour.

He believes a pure smile is one of the most beautiful things that the God has provided for us to create. For that, in his full time profession of tour guiding, he would like to try his very best to make your Japan experience an unforgettable memory.

He looks forward to sharing with you various beauty of his home country!!

Yuko (Yuko Imai)

Yuko is often called Auntie Yuko as she likes taking care of any detailed needs of her family, friends and customers equally.

She started golfing in 2001, and is not a great player still but is a great golf loving character.

She was born and raised in Hokkaido (northern part of Japan) and had worked for one of the U.S. based airlines. During her career, she lived at one of the golf courses in Guam when she was stationed there.  She believes the joy of golfing is not only on the golf course. It starts when customers choose the golf course and never ends until they share the stories of the play proudly with their families and friends. In Japan,  there are so many beautiful golf courses. She is extremely happy if she can introduce any of them and wishes that all the customers enjoy their own golfing and take great memories back home.

Yoshi (Yoshi Kurashina)

Yoshi loves Japan and Japanese culture. He is an avid foodie. He traveled around Japan to enjoy local delicacies and local sake and beer. He lived in The US for more than 6 years.  He also worked for a global company of GE capital where he experienced to work with people from many countries with diverse backgrounds. 

He now enjoys guiding foreign tourists to his favorite places around Japan with the understandings of various requirements of his guests. 

Please see one of a review he had from his guest. 

“Yoshi was open about his view of the Japanese culture and happy to answer any questions. He was very down to earth and authentic, intelligent, articulate and candid about his thoughts which we really loved. Yoshi made the experience, we'd never have really understood what we were seeing. If you want to open a window into the Japanese culture, this is great for all people who really love to travel and try to understand the culture wherever they are. I cannot say enough about Yoshi”

He also loves sports not only playing golf but also skiing and running. His PB of full marathon is 3:19. He even finished an ultra marathon of 100k.

Michy (Michiko Ikeda)

Michy was born and raised in Tokyo as a daughter of a tempura restaurant owner.

During her university days, she once stayed in Boulder, Colorado as an exchange student. She also lived in Sao Paulo city in Brazil and Paris in France for 3.5years each.

She is a licensed interpreter-guide in English and Portuguese. She has been working as a tour guide for more than 40 years to accompany individual and group tourists, foreign government VIPs, business tour clients, as well as sport events’ participants. Michy loves playing golf not only in Japan but also in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. So, it is her turn to take you to beautiful golf courses in Japan!! Please enjoy your golf with cherry blossoms and beautiful colored leaves.

Michy is a qualified ski instructor by the Ski Association of Japan. She has been skiing for 50 years to enjoy safe and comfortable skiing. Please join her for powder snow skiing in Japan.

She is very happy to tell you about Japanese history, traditional culture, tasty Japanese food and sake (she is a sake lover!) and also to provide the opportunity to communicate with local people.

Visit Japan to make sweet and wonderful memories with her! ❤

Nik (Naohiko Nakajima)

As a National Licensed English speaking guide based in Tokyo, Nik has regularly guided the central Tokyo and the Greater Tokyo area including Nikko, Hakone and Mt. Fuji. Born and bred in Kobe near Osaka, Kyoto and Nara, he is quite familiar with those ancient and historical cities, which helped him become a professional tour guide. Besides, he is keen to introduce you not only historical sites, but also traditional and pop Japanese cultural activities. 

He has been playing golf for 40 years and played 100 golf courses both in Japan and overseas. He is a qualified Japanese calligraphy instructor known as “Shodo”. He loves Japanese food and sake.

Julio (Yukio Akiba)

Yukio is 100% Japanese, but he always advises his visitors from abroad to call him JULIO for their easy memory and for the laugh (he hopes) at the same time.  It seems to hear for Spanish speakers that Julio and Yukio sound same and they start laughing.He was working long time in the Automobile area with companies in abroad, mainly in Latin America while he worked with companies in Asia and Middle East as well.

At the turning point age in his life, he decided to change of his career from the Buy-Sell Business World to the Sightseeing World working as Interpreter Guide officially certified by the government. He expects he can introduce “How wonderful Japan is!” for visitors’ satisfaction, by comparing with what he learned through his experience in abroad.

Yu (Yu Nakano)

Having worked overseas for 20 years (6 years in UK and 14Years in Thailand), Yu got many friends, company colleagues as well as business partners, who helped him a lot. Then, after returning to Japan, Yu wants to support those foreigners who come to Japan and show the beauty of Japan. Yu is serving mainly the group tours (7~40 people) visiting the touristic spots for 7~14days. The touristic spots Yu covers widely spread, such as Tokyo, Nikko, Mt.Fuji, Hakone, Kyoto, Hiroshima and many others. Many tourists appreciated his performance and some of them gave the award as “one of the best guides” to him. Some of them still have communication with him through SNS for several years. He also has deep knowledge on Japanese “SAKE”, and unique cultures in Japan (such as Kabuki, Wood block printings, Sumo wrestling)

Staying in Thailand where is called “golfers heaven”, he enjoyed playing the golf most of the weekends in 14 years. After coming back to Japan, he continues to play around 10 times a year during no group tours timing.

Due to his such background, he is sure that he gives you lots of useful information on playing golf in Japan, including unique rules in taking bath, meals etc. Also, as a tour guide, he can take you to the interesting tour spots nearby, so you can enjoy both playing golf and sightseeing.

Mike (Masayuki Nagaoka)

He is a Government Certified English interpreter guide and is very confident to make your stay in Japan as one of the most enjoyable one.

It was 50 years ago when he was successful in travelling by himself in Russia, Europe, Middle East, and Asian countries as backpacker during his college days. He was so impressed with diversified culture and a lot of support and help from many locals while travelling there.

After finished Waseda University, He was assigned to get stationed in USA, Hong Kong, and Taiwan for over 27 years in total on business. During his career in overseas countries, he became to love golf-outing with colleagues in many golf courses.

Now he is very active as a certified interpreter and tour guide, and is impatient to welcome you all here so that you can touch, taste, smell and perceive the natural beauty, culture, tradition in Japan, or a lot more, which would be so impressive and awesome.

You will have wonderful time and experience in Japan. He is looking forward to seeing you soon.

Shie (Shizu Aoki)

Born and raised in Tokyo, she spent over 10 years in the USA (California and Michigan).  She has started her golf when she was at the University of Michigan student.  She enjoyed playing on various golf courses in Michigan every weekend when she was there.

She had worked for many foreign companies in Tokyo and loves dancing flamenco and speaks English and Spanish.

She is National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter in English and enjoy being a tour guide with international visitors to introduce all over Japan.

Look forward to spending time and making a lot of great memories with you in Japan.  She can be your best guide/interpreter to make you happy so please visit one of the most beautiful country in the world!

Miya (Miyako Oga)

Miya is a National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter living in Nara, one of the most historical cities in Japan with over 1,000 years of history.

She spent her student days in Kyoto and knows how to enjoy Nara, Kyoto and Kansai area as a local.

Until recently, she has also been a guide in Tokyo, and has conducted tours around Japan, including long-term Golden Route tours as well as in Tokyo.

She is also a kimono dressing instructor, knowledgeable in traditional Japanese instruments such as Koto and Shamisen, and a car enthusiast who can also interpret drifting tours on circuits.

Hiro-san (Hiroaki Eguchi)

Hiro was born in Gifu Prefecture, famous for cormorant fishing.

Upon graduation of Keio University, he joined Mitsui & Co., and worked for food trading business for many years. Through his business assignment, he had stationed in UK (London) and United States of America (New York & Sacramento) for more than 11 years in total.

Beside his job in overseas, he enjoyed playing golf a lot in many golf courses.

Now, he is a National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter (English), his goal of task is to be the unforgettable professional guide, in other words, guests wish to see him again after their trips to Japan.  He is looking forward to seeing you in Tokyo, Japan.

Hiroko (Hiroko Kitagawa)

Hiroko lives in Yokohama, Kanagawa prefecture, which is next to Tokyo now. She used to live in California with her family for 11 years in total.

While in California, she played golf a lot and did it even during pregnancy! Now in Japan she enjoys guiding foreign tourists around fantastic places as a national government licensed guide interpreter. Being also a certified medical interpreter, she can help people just in case of medical emergency during the tour.

She is an active, cheerful, and reliable woman and is happy to take care of people around her. Please visit Japan and have a wonderful time with Hiroko! She is looking forward to seeing you!

JIRO (Jiro Hattori)

Jiro is a National Licensed Guide Interpreter in English.

He is living in Chiba next to Tokyo and has conducted short-&long-term tours around Japan (Nikkou, Tokyo, Kamakura, Hakone, Nagoya, Nagano, Kanazawa, Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, Kouyasan, Himeji, Okayama, Hiroshima).

He used to be a Japanese language teacher for foreign students from Asia for 13 years. He has been caddying public golfers for 26 years and also caddied Australian, Korean and Japanese professional golfers in several Japan Golf Tours.

His strong point is absolutely a big smile and generous hospitality spirit supported by experience and extensive knowledge. He can surely help to make your stay in Japan comfortable and to make you fully enjoy distinctive Japanese way of golfing and culture.

Seiji (Seiji Oshima)

Seiji is a national government licensed guide interpreter who speaks English as fluent as if he were an American.  It is to his advantage that he has lived and worked in the US and Canada for 20 years and frequently traveling to Western Europe.

Seiji’s area of expertise as a guide interpreter includes Japanese fine arts, history, culture and fine cuisine.  He is also a qualified Tokyo City Guide.

Seiji played tennis for almost 25 years since he was at the university but no longer plays due to the knee injuries.  He plays golf seriously instead, yet to make his second hole-in-one in his golfing life.

Seiji will do his utmost to provide you a high-quality service and hospitality during your stay in Japan, golfing and sightseeing.  Come visit Japan!

Yuki (Yukinori Hashimoto)

He is a Certified “Interpreter (English) and National Tour guide”. He was born and grown up in Tokyo, thus he is “so to say” a Tokyo Native. Even though he had never lived in abroad, he had worked for various foreign based companies (i.e. US, Canada, and Sweden) in Japan, and he obtained a good English conversation skill and understanding for foreign countries, cultures or people through his business experience. And, he also loves to travel abroad in private. His such experiences made him to decide to be a National Tour guide to welcome foreign visitors in Japan.

He has been guiding foreign visitors for more than 3 years now, and he is expertized not only in town guiding, but also in guiding of outdoor activities, such as trekking, cycling, and also skiing. (He is a professional Ski Instructor as well) And of course, he is a golf lover, so he well understands golfers’ needs, and will provide quite comfortable service and support for guests’ enjoyable golf play, as well as for your sightseeing.

His guiding goal is to have your smile at the end of the tour. So, his guiding is full of concierge mind.  He can be a good supporter for your enjoyable and satisfactory stay in Japan for sure!

Mayumi (Mayumi Ishikawa)

She was a softball player at school. Despite a person of slight build, she plays golf with full power and energy. Passionate about everything, she displays her vitality in her exceptional enthusiasm as an interpreter and tourist guide.

Her best defining feature is a broad smile. With her sunny, likable character, she makes every customer feel friendly.

 She has worked for a US affiliated company for about 20 years, attending to many business clients. She is a thoughtful and flexible guide, able to provide an accommodating treat.

  Besides, she has traveled to wineries worldwide, including France, Italy, Spain, Germany, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand, as a Japan Certified Wine Expert. She has an in-depth understanding of the cultures of Western countries.

 She is a knowledgeable person in Japanese culture. Her intelligence level is exceptionally high in Japanese food, sake, and local cuisine. She often visits tourist attractions in Tokyo and the surrounding areas in private. She loves attending to visitors to temples and shrines. Using free time, she frequently visits those spots to discover trivia to introduce to her clients.

 Of course, she is a National Licensed Translator and Tour Guide. Each time you go with her, you will no doubt encounter another impressive aspect of Japan.

Eri (Eriko Nakayama)

Eriko loves sports. She really loves snow skiing, cycling, hiking and golfing!  She was born and raised in Tokyo, and lived in New York for 2 years from 1991 to 1993. 

She started playing golf when she was a child,  and became an enthusiastic golfer during her stay in the USA. 

She is a Japanese National Government Licensed English Guide Interpreter, and has guided many clients from various countries. She loves to assist foreign visitors in having the best and most authentic Japanese experience.

Beside sports, she is good at speaking Japanese food and drinks. She is a certified SAKE (A.K.A.Japanese rice wine) sommelier. Clients can enjoy listening to her interesting stories about Japanese food with good SAKE !

Hiro (Hiroya Jo)

Born and raised in Tokyo. As a college student studied in the University of California, San Diego and while there had the chance to take golf lessons using the nearby PGA champion course at Torrey Pines. He has fond memories of his senior American golf teacher, whose mantra, “Nice and easy” stays with him even after 40 years of practicing the sport, for which he maintains a 16 handicap at his club.

Working in the international division of an advertising agency, his job has taken him to various overseas offices where he also enjoyed golf in New York, Chicago, Florida and Los Angeles in the USA, as well as UK, Germany, Italy and Spain in Europe, and Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, and Taiwan in Asia, amongst others.

As a licensed tour guide he usually leads extensive tours of the well-known “golden route” cities, including Osaka, Hiroshima, Kyoto, Hakone, and Tokyo, and knows how to keep guests happy so they can enjoy their visits to the maximum. He also plays jazz drum and the Japanese wadaiko drum.

Roy (Ryoei Aoki)

Roy has been an avid mountain climber and especially loves backcountry skiing. He was also into long distance triathlon from 43 to 57 years old finishing races like 3.8km swim, 180km bike ride and a marathon every year. He also worked as the director of Otaru City Museum for three years during his career as Otaru city officer and has extensive knowledge of human history and natural history of Hokkaido Island, especially its indigenous Ainu people and birding.

As a golfer Roy played only once in New Zealand and produced a lot of divots but conscientiously he put them back to the original places. He says he is keen to learn basics of golf.

Nori (Nori Takashima)

Born and raised in Hokkaido, Nori knows very well about the region. Her big smile and most friendly character will surely make your trip a special and unforgettable one! With a 10-year guiding career, she is an expert in providing interesting and insightful comments and information on Japanese history, culture, issues, and practices, using appropriate humor at times.

Although she no longer does what she used to love to do (golfing, skiing,bicycling, etc...) after having her knees damaged, she still enjoys light hiking in the mountains, fields and parks. She is Vice Director of Hokkaido Tour Guide Association (HoTGIA), loves her job as a tour guide interpreter, and looks forward to meeting you!

Hiro (Hiroshi Yasuo)

Hiro is always smiling and takes care of others and be talented to create enjoyable atmosphere all the time. It means his caracter and instinctive “O-MO-TE-NA-SHI” spirit are very suitable as a guide.

In his career he lived overseas( NY and Puerto Rico) for about 8 years. He started golf in NY and has been a golf lover for more than 40 years. From his experience living abroad, he recognized that people in abroad did not have enough information about Japan and he studied Japanese history and culture intensively. His knowledge about Japnese history is much higher than average Japanese and knows how to make presentation for others to enjoy.

Now he works as a National licesced English speaking tour guide based Yokohama. As a guide his activity is mainly in Tokyo area including Hakone,Mt.Fuji, Kamakura and Nikko but he has experience guiding Kyoto, Osaka and Hiroshima. Additioon to those past experience, in 2022, he became an Adventure Travel guide in Hakone authorized by Hakone DMO. It means he is a real professional guide of Hakone.

Yoko (Yoko Tateno)

She is a National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter. Born in Sasebo Nagasaki Prefecture, she lives in Fukuoka city now.

She cultivated the spirit of hospitality during her career at hotels in Asian countries including Malaysia, Maldives, and Thailand, and also at a hotel in Australia. After returning to Japan, she engaged in inbound tourism introducing great sites, Japanese culture, and Japanese food.

She confidently shows around historical sites and urbanized areas and introduces delicious food in Fukuoka and throughout Kyushu. She guides you to beautiful places according to your plans. She likes traveling at home and abroad, watching movies, sports, and comedies. She also loves music and often goes to live concerts. Therefore, she can share a wide range of topics.

She is looking forward to seeing you and will help you make memories.

Miyuki (Miyuki Yoshida)

Miyuki is a sport lover. The “ball” game she plays is not golf but table tennis, which she has played since Junior High.

She has traveled a lot both inside and outside Japan. One of her great experiences was traveling 1,000 Km by car in Germany with German friends.

Kyushu boasts beautiful nature and colorful history. Golfers can enjoy playing golf close to areas of dynamic natural beauty such as Mt. Sakurajima and Mt. Aso which are active volcanos. At the end of their round, many people like to experience the bliss of soaking in natural hot spring water.

Miyuki, National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter, has received a five-star-guide by TripAdvisor several times. She will help make your stay in Japan an easier and enjoyable one.

Morry(Masatoshi Morinaga)

He had worked for the Japan's biggest travel agency JTB (Japan Travel Bureau) for 35 years as a tour escort for Japanese.

He visited 68 countries and of course all over Japan as well. So, he is familiar with almost all of the tourist attractions in Japan.

Moreover, he is also a professional magician now. He is a member magician of The Magic Castle in Hollywood in US. That's why he made a decision to become an English tour guide.

He acquired a tour guide license issued by the Japanese government with a lot of hard work in 2016 and he started from the following year.

In addition, He is adept in business fields and knowledgeable about historical sites, traditional culture and modern subcultures in Japan.

Makoto (Makoto Mizoguchi)

Makoto now lives in Yokohama and has been a keen golfer for more than 40 years, with a lifetime best handicap of 14. With his experience of living abroad, in south-east Asian countries, the United Kingdom, France, and Italy, for 18 years, he has no cultural barrier with anybody he meets.

Makoto has worked in the fashion and luxury brand industries throughout his career, where he learned business skills and ways to enjoy life.

After retiring from business, he started his new career as a licensed interpreter guide in English and French.

His way of guiding is friendly, relaxed, and enjoyable. You will have a lot of fun traveling with Makoto.