Rental Golf Club Sets for Men (4)

Angel Tourism will deliver popular rental clubs to the golf course in Japan where you will play by the day before you play. If you have applied our Golf Pack Tours, we will provide you with the best way to play golf, such as pre-loading the golf club sets onto a charter bus or car with driver for pick-up.

Rental Fee

  • JPY 9,240 (about US$66.-) for the first day in Kanto (Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, Gunma, Tochigi and Ibaraki)
  • JPY 9,999 (about US$71.-) for the first day in other area
  • JPY 3,300 (about US$23.-) for each additional day
  • Domestic shipping (in Japan) is included

Golf Set

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  • Supplier: XXIO by Dunlop (best-selling brand in Japan since 2000).
  • Highly supported by golfers with a head speed of 35 m to 43 m / sec.
  • The hardness of the shafts that can be rented this time is Japanese standard Stiff (close to US standard Regular), so it is recommended for golfers with head speeds of 39–43 m / sec.


Clubs Loft Volume Length Swing Weight
XXIO 7 Driver 9.5° 460 cc 45.5” D2
XXIO 7 Fairways #3 15.0° 179 cc 43.0” D1
XXIO 7 Hybrids #3 19.0°   40.5” D1
XXIO 7 Hybrids #5 23.0°   39.5” D1
XXIO 7 Irons #6 (27°)
#7 (30°)
#8 (34°)
#9 (39°)
#PW (44°)
Cleveland RTX3 V-MG Wedge 50-10°     D3
Cleveland RTX3 V-MG Wedge 56-11°     D4


Flex: JP Stiff ≒ US Regular, JP Stiff Regular(SR) ≒ US Regular/R2

Club Shaft Flex Weight Torque
XXIO 7 Driver MP700 JP Stiff 49.0 g 5.6
XXIO 7 Fairways #3 Motore Speeder474 JP Stiff 47.5g 5.4
XXIO 7 Hybrids #3 XXIO MP700 JP Stiff 55.0 g 5.0
XXIO 7 Hybrids #5 XXIO MP700 JP SR 52.0 g 5.1
XXIO 7 Irons NS Pro920GH JP Stiff 96.0 g 2.9
Cleveland RTX3 V-MG Wedge Dynamic Gold S200      
Cleveland RTX3 V-MG Wedge Dynamic Gold S200      
XXIO7 by Dunlop JP Stiff(≒US Regular) Flex Set
XXIO7 by Dunlop JP Stiff(≒US Regular) Flex Set


Please select a putter from among the options shown below.


  • Since there is a limited rental stock available, we cannot guarantee availability.
  • Complete sets are only available for right-handed persons.
TaylorMade Putters
TaylorMade Putters
Corza 34″
Corza 34″
Monza 35″
Monza 35″
Siena 34″
Siena 34″
Daytona 35″
Daytona 35″